Fired For … Being Gay?


A writer for CNN, John Sutter, wrote an article called “No One Should Be Fired For Being Gay” this article is about a man who was fired from his job as a corrections officer in Mississippi, because he was gay.  Andre Cooley called the police due to a domestic dispute between him and his partner.  One of Cooley’s coworkers responded to the call, and realized that Cooley was gay.  Cooley was later fired, because he was found with his partner.  He later regained his job, but it was legal to fire him based on the mere grounds that Cooley is homosexual.

This article hit close to home for me because of an incident that recently happened in Columbus.

I went to a Catholic school in Columbus, and although I did not go to the school that the teacher was fired from, all of the schools in the CCL district are rather close.  When I found out that a teacher, Ms. Hale, from Bishop Watterson High School was being fired because she was gay, I was appalled.  The only way that the Diocese knew was because her partner was listed with her in the teacher’s mother’s obituary.  Hale did not bring her partner to a sporting event, a school event, or a Church event.  It was only because it was mentioned in the newspaper, and a parent found the name, to which she later reported to the Diocese.

There are 29 states in the United States that recognize being homosexual as a reason for an organization to terminate an individual.  As much as we would like to think the opposite, being in a gay relationship is still not totally acceptable.  So unacceptable to society, that it is acceptable for it to be legal to fire someone based on his or her sexuality.



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