Reflecting on McCaughey’s “Homo Sexual”


Martha McCaughey wrote a work titled “Homo Sexual” in this work, she writes about the neurologist Simon LeVay.  LeVay was looking to link homosexual desires to biology.  There were some flaws though, in the studies that LeVay performed.  The brains that were examined were all taken from those individuals that died from AIDS.  The brains of those who died from HIV transmitted through needles were assumed heterosexual, and the brains belonging to men that died from HIV from homosexual activity were assumed homosexual.  McCaughey reminds us though that the men who had HIV from homosexual activity may very well have not been homosexual.  LeVay concluded that the hypothalamus is what determines if one is homosexual or not. 

McCaughey writes that there could be many variations that could affect LeVay’s findings.  In our progressive world, sex changes are available, different sexual identity options, etc.  McCaughey informs us that LeVay also did not include women, because they did not interest him. 

Although LeVay did not have sufficient evidence, he was on the right track, meaning that he was exploring homosexuality as a source from the inside, not outside conditions. 

What I gained from McCaughey’s article is that we do not need to make “science our bible”.  Meaning that we can produce theories on this concept, and try to make sense of it in our world that we are living now.  We need to use the resources we have to make sense of it, and make decisions about homosexuality on our own.  We can dig deeper into ourselves, and see how homosexual individuals can help and progress our world.  We need to keep in mind that we do not always have to first see the individuals sexual orientation, but instead see the individual’s character first, not their sexual identity.



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