Senator Portman’s New View


Senator Portman, representing Ohio, recently started supporting gay marriage.  He had been opposing gay marriage, and rights, until his son came out to him as gay. Portman is running for the Republican Party, which opposes gay marriage. In an article from the New York Times, written by Trip Gabriel titled “Doubts and Downloads in Ohio After Portman’s Shift on Gay Marriage”, Portman’s actions are discussed, and the how fellow Republicans are processing this news.

Gabriel writes that when Portman turned his position from banning same sex marriage to supporting same sex marriage.  I believe that it is not fair for Portman to change his views simply because his son is gay, and came out to him.  I say that I think it is not fair because I think that he should have been supporting it before his son came out to him.  I do not understand why it has to take someone close to you being in a situation to change a stance on something.  I think that if Portman was a good candidate and had motives besides his family, he would have changed his mind some time ago.  If he is representing the public, he needs to keep the public in mind, not just his son.

I know that it is good that Senator Portman is in support of same sex marriage.  It will raise awareness to a party that usually does not turn their head for something of the sort.  Portman’s publicity, of turning to same sex marriage, whether good or bad, will get people’s attention.  This attention that is being raised will provoke people to look into Portman’s son’s story, and possibly lead them to other stories of those fighting discrimination because of their sexual identity.  While I do not agree with Portman’s motives, I appreciate the publicity that Portman brings to this issue.



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