“The End of Men”


So after looking at things from Coontz’s more realistic and slightly pessimistic point of view, Hanna Rosin takes the time to point out that while, yes the struggle still exists, women have come such a long ways, and that there IS in fact a threat against patriarchy and its existence.

In the 1970’s, scientist Ronald Ericsson came up with a way to separate they X and Y chromosomes in the male sperm cell, thus allowing people to choose the assigned sex of their children. However, to Ericsson’s surprise, as time went on, more and more couples started to request females. At first, they were apologetic and made excuses for their preference, but eventually the shame was gone from their requests. Why requests girls? Especially with all of the adversity they will probably face based on their genitalia? Because women no longer detest themselves or their gender identity. The weak and fragile connotations associated with feminine words are slowly-creeping actually- fading away. Even Ericsson himself admitted that the motivation and and accomplishments of the modern female are quite outstanding. A young girl in today’s world has a far better chance of thriving rather than surviving in society and every day life.

But, how does class pay into all of this? The trend of full-time female workers and the stereotypical “deadbeat” male are most commonly found within the working class. These women are often single mothers and support their families, or have spouses who do not provide. Does this mean women only know how to work when they have no other options? No. Absolutely not. But women who work full-time, are often a part of the working class. Some researchers even take it so far as to say that the jobs the take, such as domestic work like cleaning, or childcare, just translates from the home. Home health care, child care, education, etc. all of these require stereotypical “feminine” skills. However, women dominate these fields! They have started to turn these absurd stereotypes around and create a way to have a steady income.

While women have completely infiltrated the working class fields, they are slowly, but surely making their way to the top!



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