As I was searching for images, I came across a video of individuals who were showing support of their loved ones who identified as homosexual. Some of the people are individuals who identify as LGBTQA, and some, as stated earlier, are those who support the LGBTQA community. The people holding up the signs defy stereotypes, say what they have heard people say about their loved ones, and describe how The PLACE has helped them, their family, or both. It is a group of individuals who create a safe network called the PLACE which, as described by The Modesto Bee’s writer Marijke Rowland, stands for “People Learning Acceptance Creating Equality”. The photo that I attached earlier under the title “Not Broken” is a still shot from this video.
I think that this video, and article I have attached that is on the same page as the video, describes Boswell well in Fausto-Sterling’s article. Being that Homosexuality is, in fact, nature not nurture.


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