“The Rise of Women” and a Farewell


The Masculine Mystique

Coontz briefly discussed the “Masculine Mystique” in both the video above and in her piece. This mystique has caused men to believe that they must fit into their particular gender roles and stereotypes created by society, parallel to the feminine mystique. How can men resist this? It is crucial that they do in order to progress.

One conclusion that can be drawn from both of these authors is that there is definitely room for improvement. The road to equality is long, and you can’t rush through it. As long as there are glass ceilings intact, or women continue to be oppressed, then patriarchy still exists, which is something that both Coontz and Rosin can agree on.

Another important thought to take from this blog is that women’s accomplishments do not, I repeat, do NOT have to come at the expense of men. Equality should be the motivator and main goal, and equality is impossible if status is achieved at the expense of other individuals. While the typical male and female stereotypes have changed throughout the years, many men are still blinded by the masculine mystique. Breaking through this and allowing equal playing ground for all should be the number one priority.



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